Galvanizing Guildford Games

University of Surrey Research Showcases:

Next Generation Motion Capture:  the University of Surrey are pioneers in next generation  animation technology. The university are leaders in the development of markerless motion capture as well as developing new systems to capture 3D moving surfaces (costume, hair, etc.). These systems are highly automated and generate characters with near photo-realism through a new texturing pipeline.  This R&D work is being further developed with the BBC, The Imaginarium, DoubleNegative, Organic Motion, Animazoo and others.

Immersive Audio Experiences:  the UK’s £5m S3A project is led by the University of Surrey and will deliver future spatial audio for an immersive listener experience.  S3A will deliver novel audio rendering and production tools for spatialized audio through loudspeakers and headphones, enabling creation of cinematic quality immersive audio experiences over inexpensive hardware e.g. in a home or vehicle.

5G Mobile:  The 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey recently demonstrated streaming content at 1Tbps over a prototype 5G connection.  The opportunities for low latency, very high speed mobile connections create unique novel opportunities for high definition video, asset streaming, and very low latency multiplayer gaming and/or server-side interactions for Games.  Talk to be delivered by 5GIC partner Samsung (TBC).

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